Manufacturing Industry

ESMA serves two business areas, the manufacturing industry and the automotive industry.The manufacturing industry covers the Swedish manufacturing industry, medical technology and telecommunications.
We focus on quality, logistics and cost effectiveness. Our manufacturers are located in Europe and Asia.

Target Groups

Our target groups are:

- All types of engineering industries.
- Mechanical and electro-technical industries.
- Chemical and thermo-technical industries.
- Civil protection, police and defence.
- Operators in marine and aviation 
- Electrical power industry and recycling

Product Offering

ESMA offers a wide product range covering most of the mechanical and electro-mechanical production methods such as turning, forging, casting, punching and bending, but also cold formed fasteners such as screws and nuts.

ESMA also offers manufacturing processes such as sintering and injection moulding, magnet pulse forming/welding, assembly of systems, acoustics products and projects within installations in waste incineration.
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Example of a product and logistics solution

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