Product Range and Manufacturing Processes

Components and modules for the automotive industry and public transportsDoor module - 1

o     Delphi connecting systems for the automotive industry

o     Door modules

o     Electromagnetic pulse welding

o     Emission components/systems

o     Vehicle windows with aluminium frame, interior equipment in plastic
       such as air nozzles, lighting systems, luggage racks etc
Fasteners - 1

o     Fasteners

o     Window regulators

o     Rubber components for vehicles, intake parts, turbo hoses,
o     exhaust suspension and dynamic elastic deflection element

o     Hinges

o     Entrance and sliding doors for busses and trains Connecting system - 1

o     Interior components, such as door and luggage room panels

o     Universal driving shaft and axel shaft

o     Corrosion, condensate and noise protection products

o     Air, fuel and oil filters

o     Al castings in gravity die , sand, low and high pressure die castings

o     Sheet metal, welded subgroups and complete systemsSintered part - 1 

o     Sintered parts

o     Forging and precision forged parts, also machined 

o     Stretch bended profiles in aluminium or steel

o     Announcement equipment for public transport 

o     Camshaft, crankshaft

o     Heating and defrosting systems and AC for busses and trains
o     Cab suspension systems
o     Component made of composite materials i.e
       glass fiber leaf springs
o     Pre impregnated composite fibers